MUSIC Cares' mission is to make Michigan the best place in the world to practice urology.


MUSIC has been focused on reducing surgical complications within the state in partnership with our surgeons. One aspect that is often ignored is the impact these complications can have on a surgeons well-being. There is increasing evidence that shows surgeons who experience complications can have a negative impact on patient outcomes.

MUSIC recently led a nationwide workshop on this topic, highlighting how surgeons can cope with complications. You can find a recording here: As a result, we have established a surgeon led support group within MUSIC. This group will focus on providing peer support to tackle the lows that may happen with protracted difficultcomplications but not clinical/technical advice.

Peer Support Request Form

What is MUSIC CARES working toward?

  • Increase institutional awareness of the emotional responses to adverse clinical events (i.e., secondary trauma)
  • Support individuals following unanticipated events as well as daily stressors
  • Provide consistent and targeted system-wide support
  • HARM: Be better prepared for it before it comes, and must deal with it better when it does happen