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Our Vision

By collecting clinically-credible data, comparing performance among our peers, sharing best practices, and implementing changes in clinical behavior, we will achieve more efficient utilization of healthcare resources, improve care delivery in our own environments, and enhance the quality, value, and outcomes of treatment provided.

MUSIC Participating Practices

MUSIC is comprised of diverse urology practices across the state of Michigan collaborating together to improving urologic care.






MUSIC Participating Practices

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Southeastern Michigan


Central Michigan


Western Michigan


Northern Michigan





  • Brian Drabik, DO

    Munson Healthcare Cadillac Urology; MUSIC member

    “We have the right team, enthusiasm, and real desire to figure it out. If there are better results out there, this collaborative will find them.”

  • Jay Hollander, MD

    Michigan Institute of Urology; MUSIC member

    “In 30 years there has never been a better state wide project to improve Urologic care. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the work you, your colleagues and the state wide urologists are putting in to this.”

  • Margaret Pearle, MD, PhD

    UT Southwestern Medical Center

    “Amazing data from ROCKS and I think it sets a standard for how we should all be scrutinizing our data in the name of improving patient outcomes!”

  • Dennis Sitek

    Patient Advocate

    “From a patient's perspective, it is reassuring to know that so many doctors want to improve care for their patients. This is a groundbreaking undertaking and the benefits will only grow over time.”

  • Wesley Mayer, MD

    Baylor College of Medicine

    “The work being done by MUSIC and ROCKS is truly important work and…trailblazing in urology QI in the United States.”