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Optimizing imaging utilization and enhancing the quality of prostate MRI and fusion biopsies
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What is the MUSIC Imaging Initiative?

  • Goal: Improve patterns of care in radiographic staging of men with prostate cancer.

Current focus – MRI/fusion biopsy:

Our focus is on improving the quality of prostate MRI and fusion biopsies throughout Michigan

Early work:

  • Optimizing imaging utilization for patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer.
  • To better understand the current rates of utilization and ensure that imaging studies were being ordered for patients that could truly benefit.
  • MUSIC was able to achieve a statewide decrease in the utilization of both bone and CT scans for patients with low-risk prostate cancer.
  • To optimize imaging in intermediate/high-risk patients, MUSIC developed and implemented statewide specific, evidence-based appropriateness criteria for staging bone scan and/or CT scan (see below).
To watch a video highlighting MUSIC’s imaging QI efforts , please click on the video below.