Prostate Clinical Trials


What is G-MINOR?

  • Genomics in Michigan Impacting Observation or Radiation (G-MINOR)
    • Randomized clinical trial (study that randomly assigns participants to fairly understand outcomes).
    • Aims to assess if information from the Decipher test is helpful for both patients and doctors in the management of patients after surgical treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Goal: To determine the impact of the Decipher test on treatment decisions for men who had a radical prostatectomy (prostate removal surgery).
  • The Decipher test uses genetic information from a sample of prostate tissue to measure how likely prostate cancer should come back following a prostatectomy.
  • G-MINOR successfully achieved its enrollment goal and is now closed to enrollment.
To watch a video highlighting the MUSIC G-MINOR project, please click on the video below.