Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about MUSIC
How did MUSIC come about?

As Urology practices provide the majority of prostate cancer-related services, they represent a logical focal point for efforts aimed at improving the value of prostate cancer care. However, the ability for urologists to improve care delivery in this remains limited by two significant concerns. First, most urologists have little or no data regarding the quality of care provided in their own practice. Second, even when such “quality data” is available, few understand how to change their practice in order to achieve actual improvements. Recognizing these concerns, and the promising results achieved with physician-led quality collaboratives in other disciplines, Drs. David Miller and Jim Montie created the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC), which disseminates from the previously established Urological Surgery Quality Collaborative (USQC).

USQC began in 2009 with the primary goal to bring together urologists from different regions in order to carry out quality improvement-oriented clinical projects. After collaborative feedback of baseline utilization and review of clinical guidelines, urologists in USQC practices dramatically reduced variations in practice patterns and improved adherence with recommended staging practices. This rapid change in behavior is likely attributable to the comparative performance feedback and physician-led learning that are uniquely possible in a quality improvement collaborative and provides every reason to believe that the quality and efficiency gaps identified nationally also exist in Michigan. Thus, MUSIC aims to address these gaps in the state of Michigan including urologists from diverse organizations (e.g., solo practices) and geographic locations.

What is MUSIC?
The Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) is a physician-led quality improvement collaborative comprised of a consortium of urology practices in the state of Michigan whose mission is to improve healthcare outcomes for men in Michigan with urologic conditions. The collective benefits of this effort will extend to urologists, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and most importantly the patients.
What are the Requirements for Participation in MUSIC?
To participate in MUSIC, a practice must meet the following requirements: Evaluate at least 15 adult men with prostate cancer annually All practice members must be affiliated with a Physician Organization recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) All practice members must be participants in BCBSM’s Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP)
How is MUSIC funded?
MUSIC was created through funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM).
Can non-MUSIC members utilize the MUSIC resources?
Visitors can download and utilize resources, but are to notify the MUSIC Coordinating Center via email at musicurology@umich.edu to obtain information on MUSIC's copyright policy.