Program Prostate

Peri-operative Outcomes

Enhancing patients’ peri-operative outcomes after radical prostatectomy

What is MUSIC MAESTRO (formerly "NOTES")?

  • We are focused on improving short-term recovery outcomes for patients undergoing a radical prostatectomy (prostate surgery) for men in Michigan. We aim to raise the quality of peri-operative care and reduce adverse events and their associated costs.
    • Raise the quality of peri-operative care
    • Reduce adverse events and their associated costs

What we do?

  • Collect reliable clinical data
  • Providing data-driven feedback to providers about their patient outcomes
  • Develop quality improvement guidelines/resources that can be implemented at practices across the state

For additional information regarding the MAESTRO project, please watch the short video, below.

Uncomplicated Recovery Pathway:
Peri-operative assessment including actionable data points collected around the care recovery pathway.
Any event outside of the criteria are considered a deviation from the pathway.

Physician Resources

Feedback around the uncomplicated recovery pathway is delivered to physicians through an individualized, one page report—comparing MAESTRO data for a surgeon, their practice, and the MUSIC collaborative.


  • Overall summary of the percentage of cases experiencing at least one deviation
  • A table with a detailed breakdown around cases experiencing each MAESTRO deviation
  • Graphs with trend analyses over time

Patient Resources

Prostate Surgery Patient Video

Education and expectations after undergoing prostate surgery to aid in recovery

Patient Ileus (Severe Constipation) Pamphlet

Educational pamphlet on preventing an ileus following prostate surgery