Transperineal Biopsy

Making Michigan the safest place to have a prostate biopsy

What is MUSIC Transperineal Biopsy?

One of MUSIC’s early initiatives focused on enhancing the safety after a patient underwent a prostate biopsy by addressing and working to reduce the rate of  adverse events and antibiotic resistance. As a collaborative, post TRUS biopsy infectious hospitalizations were reduced by 50% across the state. As MUSIC continues its goal to make Michigan the safest place to have a prostate biopsy, the collaborative has begun, implementing an office-based transperineal biopsy technique to further reduce infectious hospitalizations and optimize antibiotic stewardship across Michigan.

If your doctor has recommend you undergo a prostate biopsy, to determine the best treatment for your care you may have been informed of a transperineal prostate biopsy procedure. This procedure is able to be done in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia and will takes less than 15 minutes. The transperineal approach has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of infection and potentially eliminate the need for unnecessary antibiotics.

Talk to your doctor to determine if a transperineal biopsy is right for you and you care.

If you are interested in implementing office-based transperineal biopsy into your MUSIC participating practice, please click on the image below to download and complete the site assessment document. You can also complete it electronically, by accessing the link here: 

To view electronic copies of the transperineal biopsy resources, please click on the images below.


MUSIC TP Biopsy Template:   

MUSIC TP Checklist:

Modifier-22 FAQ document:

Instructional Technique Videos 

a. Standard transperineal biopsy technique

i. Full biopsy procedure using the MUSIC TP biopsy template, biplanar       probe, and precision point device from Perineologic

MUSIC TP Biopsy Technique with Disposable Transperineal Access System

ii. Full biopsy procedure using the MUSIC TP biopsy template, Mindray biplanar probe, and needle access guide

MUSIC TP Biopsy Technique with Nondisposable Needle Access Guide

b. Preparation

i. Short video on how to administer local anesthesia during the transperineal biopsy procedure

MUSIC TP Biopsy Local Anesthesia

ii. Short video on the biopsy probe condom preparation

MUSIC TP Biopsy Probe Prep Video

This patient educational video was developed to provide education to patients considering or undergoing a transperineal (TP) biopsy procedure on advantages, preparation, and what to expect before, during and after the biopsy.

MUSIC TP Biopsy Patient Educational Video

If you have further questions or concerns regarding the MUSIC transperineal biopsy project, please contact the MUSIC Coordinating Center at 855.456.2035 or