Improving the Technical Quality of Radical Prostatectomy

MUSIC aims to improve radical prostatectomy outcomes for men in Michigan through the use of video-based assessment of surgical technique.  MUSIC plans to examine relationships between technical skill, complications, and patient reported outcomes after robotic prostatectomy with a goal of facilitating mentorship and coaching activities that raise the technical quality of radical prostatectomy, and consequently improve patient outcomes for men in Michigan that undergo radical prostatectomy.

MUSIC surgeons that perform robotic prostatectomies are invited to voluntarily submit to the MUSIC Coordinating Center a single representative video of one of their robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy cases.   The videos contain no patient identifiable information. Once the MUSIC Coordinating Center receives the video(s) they are stripped of all surgeon identifiers and edited to include only key components of the case. The edited videos are then used by peer urologists to rate a surgeon’s technical skill using validated measurement instruments.

The MUSIC efforts are focused on improving surgical quality as we recognize that what happens in the operating room most likely has implications for patients longer term outcomes.   This groundbreaking work is a pivotal step toward improving patients’ functional outcomes after surgery.