Programs KIDNEY

Initial Evaluation

Enhancing the receipt of necessary testing to optimize treatment appropriateness

What is the MUSIC KIDNEY Initial Evaluation initiative?

Aims to ensure patients with newly diagnosed T1 renal masses receive all the laboratory, imaging tests, and other tests necessary to fully assess their mass and choose the most appropriate treatment.”

What we do?

  • Chest imaging: Using a combination of current guidelines, expert opinion from MUSIC urologists, available data, developed MUSIC KIDNEY Renal Mass Chest Imaging Recommendations.
  • RENL Documentation: Introduced simplified method for classifying tumor complexity.
  • Click the image below to view key steps to determine whether to pursue treatment or initial surveillance
  • The life expectancy app helps urologists communicate the risk of mortality to patients diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. The app is meant to be used as a part of counseling on treatment options.