Data Management

Data Request Process

MUSIC members are welcome and encouraged to submit data requests that align with MUSIC quality improvement initiatives or support local quality improvement goals.  The following outlines the process for the submission and approval of data requests:

  1. MUSIC members complete and submit a data request form to the MUSIC Coordinating Center:
  2. The Coordinating Center reviews the request and follows up with any questions
  3. The data request is presented to the Executive Committee
  4. Executive Committee approves or declines the request
  5. The Coordinating Center informs the PI of the Executive Committee’s decision If the request was not approved, the PI is welcome to revise his/her request so that it may be deemed acceptable by the Executive Committee
  6. The Coordinating Center ensures a participation agreement, which includes a data use agreement, has been executed. If not yet executed, the MUSIC Data Use Agreement must be signed to proceed
  7. The Coordinating Center project manager and statistician meet with the PI to discuss the details of the request and establish a timeline for the delivery of information
  8. Analytics are prepared in accordance with request
  9. If the PI is interested in publishing:
    • PI is responsible for identifying a first and senior author
    • Co-author designation should follow MUSIC authorship guidelines
    • Publications and presentations must be reviewed and approved by the MUSIC Publications and Presentations committee prior to submission/presentation

For further details on the MUSIC Data Request Process and Operating Principles for use and sharing of data, please click here. To view and complete the MUSIC Data Request Form, please follow the below steps:

                   a). Login to MUSIC Registry here 

                   b). Navigate to the Resource tab (4th icon down)

                   c). Select and download the Data Request Form

                   d). Send completed Data Request Form to

   For questions and/or concerns, please contact the MUSIC Coordinating Center at (855) 456-2035.

Approved Data Requests

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Authorship Guidelines

To view a copy of MUSIC’s authorship guidelines, please click on the button below.

MUSIC Authorship Guidelines

Submitted Abstracts for the American Urological Association (AUA) 2021 Annual Meeting

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