MUSIC at AUA 2019 in Chicago, Illinois

Friday, May 3rd - Monday, May 6th, 2019


We would like to sincerely thank MUSIC members for their hard work and dedication in leading and submitting abstracts for consideration to the 2019 AUA meeting. MUSIC in total submitted 34 abstracts including 139 authors from over 30 institutions. Please find a list of the submitted MUSIC abstracts below. 

For a detailed description of the MUSIC abstracts submitted to AUA, please click here.


Abstract Title MUSIC Initiative
1. Overtreatment and Underutilization of Watchful Waiting in Men with Limited Life Expectancy: An Analysis of the Michigan Urologic Surgery Improvement Collaborative Registry Prostate
2. Prospective randomized trial of gene expression classifier utility in men at high risk of recurrence following radical prostatectomy (G-MINOR) Prostate
3. Over Use of Opioids After Prostatectomy: Statewide Experience from the Michigan Urologic Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) Prostate
4. PROMIS Interest in Sexual Activity and Satisfaction with Sex Life measures in men with prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomy Prostate
5. Two Year Patient Reported Sexual Function Outcomes following Radical Prostatectomy in a Statewide Collaborative Prostate
6. Comparison of patient selection and outcomes between low and high volume surgeons in performance of radical prostatectomy: Analysis of the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) Prostate
7. An Assessment of Factors Associated with Lack of Early Social Continence Following Radical Prostatectomy: Analysis of the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) Prostate
8. Pelvic lymph node dissection during robotic prostatectomy in the MUSIC collaborative Prostate
9. Defining the indications for pelvic lymph node dissection in prostate cancer patients within the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) Prostate
10. MRI with or without Biopsy as a Confirmatory Test in Newly Diagnosed Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer Aids in Decision-Making Prostate
11. Patient-level validation of prostate cancer data collected via automated extraction from structured and unstructured electronic health record (EHR) records Prostate
12. Implementation of a Statewide Quality Assurance Initiative for Prostate MRI and Fusion Biopsy Prostate
13. Practice Level Variation in Fusion Biopsy Cancer Detection: Analysis of s Statewide Quality Improvement Collaborative MR Fusion Registry Prostate
14. Intra-Practice urologist-level variation in fusion biopsy outcomes: Analysis using the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative MR Fusion Registry Prostate
15. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Improves Prediction of Bilateral Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy Prostate
16. Evaluating the Value of MRI in Predicting Radical Prostatectomy Pathologic Outcomes Prostate
17. Mi TRexit: Pilot Evaluation of a State-wide initiative for In-Office Transperineal versus Transrectal Prostate Biopsy Under Local Anesthesia Prostate
18. Prospective Evaluation of a Novel Transperineal Electromagnetically-Tracked MR/US Fusion Biopsy System Prostate
19. Challenges in using video-based peer-review processes for assessing surgeon skill Prostate
20. Implementing a Decision Aid Tool, Personal Patient Profile-Prostate, for Localized Prostate Cancer Patients Across Michigan Prostate
21. Risk Factors Associated with Infection-Related Hospitalization Following Ureteroscopic Stone Treatment Across Diverse Urology Practices in Michigan ROCKS
22. New persistent opioid use after ureteroscopy for stone treatment ROCKS
23. Practice-Level Variation in Postoperative Pain Management after Ureteroscopy (URS): Lessons from a Statewide Collaborative Quality Initiative ROCKS
24. Practice level variation in the use of imaging after shockwave lithotripsy ROCKS
25. Shockwave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy for the treatment of lower pole stones- Results from a statewide clinical registry ROCKS
26. Quality indicators for shockwave lithotripsy in the state of Michigan: are we following the guidelines? ROCKS
27. Understanding ureteral access sheath use within a statewide collaborative and its effects on surgical outcomes and complications ROCKS
28. Variation in ureteral stenting during ureteroscopic stone treatment in Michigan ROCKS
29. Using a clinical registry and machine learning to predict ureteral stent placement following ureteroscopy ROCKS
30. Does education about a simplified method of RENAL nephrometry scoring increase utilization within a statewide QI collaborative? KIDNEY
31. Patterns of renal mass biopsy across the MUSIC KIDNEY statewide QI collaborative KIDNEY
32. Tumor size and complexity predict the use of surveillance for renal masses ≤7 cm: results from the MUSIC-KIDNEY regional collaborative KIDNEY
33. A statewide quality improvement collaborative’s adherence to 2017 AUA guidelines regarding initial evaluation of renal masses KIDNEY
34. Is outpatient classification justified for minimally-invasive renal surgery?  Results from a statewide quality improvement collaborative KIDNEY